Aesthetic Marketing, Clinic Branding & Social Media Strategies -27 August 2017, Singapore

Aesthetic Marketing, Clinic Branding & Social Media Strategies

27 August 2017, Singapore

Who should attend

  • Aesthetic practitioners
  • Medical doctors
  • Clinic managers
  • Newly graduate doctors (Under housemanship)

Market Analysis: The future of Aesthetic Medicine

  • Where is medical aesthetics headed to in the next 5 years
  • What are the revolutionary developments and latest innovations in medical skincare and body contouring
  • Determine the growth-market options in aesthetic medicine
  • What are the novel and new technologies to look out for in the next years
  • How to be a game changer in the medical aesthetic business and stand out from the rest
  • The importance of getting certified and getting the appropriate training and certification
  • How to avoid medical malpractice and what to do if you become a subject of medical negligence complaint

Translating clinical expertise to medical clinic business

  • Key points and main checklist in setting up your own aesthetic business
  • Develop an effective business framework for medical aesthetic practice
  • Know the basics of developing a sales plan and how to achieve desired ROI
  • What is marketing and what role does it play in medical aesthetics
  • Know the right marketing mix and apply the 4 P's of marketing in a clinic business
  • Essentials of effective advertising and setting your marketing budget
  • How to maximise your advertising spend
  • Understand what drives the consumer's buying decisions and how to understand consumer mind set
  • How to build patient loyalty and customer trust

PR versus Marketing: Which way to go

  • What is strategic marketing and how it differs from PR
  • Can medical business survive with PR alone
  • Essentials of good public relations
  • The secrets of generating a successful PR
  • The basic concepts of B2C marketing
  • Evaluate your strategic marketing options and how to rise above the competition

Digital Communications: How important is web, mobile and social media in building your clinical brand

  • Online vs Traditional marketing: which to choose?
  • Understand your online and digital marketing options
  • The application of social media in building your aesthetic brand
  • How to create and develop an effective online presence
  • The role of engaging and useful content in increasing web traffic
  • Is going "viral" the way to go?

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