Advanced ENE (Eyes, Ears, Nose) Master Class   - 27 August 2017, Singapore

Advanced Korean Cosmetic Surgery (Eyes Ears Nose) Masterclass

27 August 2017, Sunday | Waterfront 3 Room, 2nd Floor

9:00 – 10:30 | Workshop A
Differentiating Asian and Western Blepharoplasty Techniques and the Ideal “Asian Double Eyelid”
Speaker: Prof David Dae Hwan Park,
South Korea

• Understand the peculiarities of Asian blepharoplasty surgery
•  Identify the key anatomical differences between Western and Asian ocular anatomy
•  Recognize the different patient goals and ideal outcomes between Asian blepharoplasty and Western
    eyelid surgery
•  Appreciate the 4 available vectors of possible change in blepharoplasty and the key vectors in Asian
    blepharoplasty for ideal patient satisfaction
•  Distinguish the available techniques and methods available for Asian blepharoplasty procedures for
    optimal patient outcomes

10:30 11:00 Morning Refreshments and Networking Break

11:00 – 12:30 | Workshop B
Widening the Eye through Epicanthoplasty and “Aegyo-Sal” Procedures for the Ideal Asian Eye
Speaker: Dr Kwon Taek Kuen, South Korea

•  Understand the anatomical structures involved in Asian epicanthoplasty and “aegyo-sal” surgery
•  Appreciate desired Asian patient outcomes and expectations with epicanthoplasty procedures
•  Identify the different techniques available for epicanthoplasty and “aegyo-sal” procedures
•  Combining epicanthoplasty, “aegyo-sal”, and blepharoplasty procedures together to provide patients their desired outcomes
•  Possible complications from ocular surgery and corrective procedures

12:30 13:30 Lunch and Networking Break

13:30 – 15:30 | Workshop C
Nose Thread Lifting, Upper Face Lifting and Non-Surgical Blepharoplasty With double eyelid correction
Speaker: Dr Han-Jin Kwon, South Korea

•  Hiko PCL - 2 year lasting nose thread lifting
•  Advanced treatment for the hump, tip raising and columela
•  Upper Eyebrow lifting non-surgical technique (Plasma)
•  Air Dissector and mono thread for forehead lifting
•  Lifting botox technique for forehead without paralysis
•  Air jet for upper temporal lifting

15:30 16:00 Afternoon Refreshments and Networking Break

16:00 – 17:30 | Workshop D
Handling the Peculiarities of Asian Rhinoplasty Procedures and Dealing with Complications of Asian Rhinoplasty
Speaker: Dr Kwon Taek Kuen, South Korea

•  Anatomical differences between Asian and Western nasal structures
•  Desired Asian patient outcomes and managing patient expectations for rhinoplasty procedures
•  Understand the various differences and considerations for various nasal augmentation techniques; i.e.
    implants, fillers, and grafts
•  Choosing between the surgical and non-surgical rhinoplasty techniques for ideal procedural results
•  Identify possible complications and risk factors of rhinoplasty and corrective rhinoplasty procedures

17:30 18:00 Q & A


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